How much experience does the therapist have? 

The more years a therapist has practiced, the better qualified
she is to treat specific issues and the more continuing
education has been acquired. A therapist should hold a
graduate degree from an accredited university-at the least, a
Masterís Degree.

Is the therapist licensed by a professional board?

Professional licensure means that the therapist has completed
a specific number of hours of post-graduate work under the
supervision and direction of an accredited therapist. A
therapist should have also passed the licensing exam that covers issues required to be knowledgeable in about providing therapy.

Does the therapist adhere to professional ethics?  Has the therapist ever been professionally sanctioned for inappropriate conduct or had complaints filed against him or her with the licensing board?

This information can be verified through the State of Georgia.

How does it feel in session to you?

Safety is important. Do you feel safe to share your fears, worries, and concerns without feeling judged or criticized? Confidentiality-A therapist is bound both legally and ethically to hold what you share in confidence (with a few well-defined exceptions). If you feel safe and that your information is held in confidence, it aids in making changes. Psychoeducation-Are you learning in therapy? Are you being guided through making educational progress and given opportunities to practice new tools? A good therapist can help you experience your environment, both internally and externally, through new and positive ways.

What type of work does the therapist do-what is her style?

A competent therapist will be willing and able to provide you with an explanation of the types of therapy he or she uses and modalities best suited for your specific issues.

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