Setting Healthy

Have you ever wondered why when we Ďtry harder,í Ďact nicer,í or attempt to take care of others, it just doesn't seem to work?

Things donít feel any better.

Have we looked clearly at our own boundaries first to make sure we are taking care of ourselves?

Just what is Ďa boundaryí, you ask?

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The Anxiety Counseling Center of Atlanta is specialized in assisting you in your growth and self-actualization. Our own personal paths are not so focused on the destination, but on our journeys. The Anxiety Counseling Center of Atlanta specializes in helping you with:

Anxiety Issues and Disorders, inclusive of

     •  Generalized anxiety
     •  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma
     •  Eating Disorders
     •  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
     •  Panic Attacks
     •  Social anxiety and social phobia
     •  Acute Stress Disorder

Mood Disorders, inclusive of

     •  Bipolar Disorders
     •  Major Depressive disorder
     •  Dysthymic Disorder

And including:

     •  Personality Disorders, inclusive of Borderline Personality Disorder
     •  Self-esteem/self-empowerment
     •  Relationship/growth issues, inclusive of Divorce recovery and
     •  Domestic Abuse issues
     •  Grief/loss/bereavement and complicated grief issues
     •  Stress Management and Coping Skills training
     •  Anger Management
     •  Imago Therapy and Communication Skill
     •  Behavioral issues
     •  Assertiveness Training
     •  Career counseling

We offer individual and group therapy for adults, couples, and families.  Pat Drerup-Cotter has more than fifteen years of experience helping people.  She is licensed by the state of Georgia and certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

To get started, call today at 404-402-2176.